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JHM Auto Sales


JHM Auto Sales is website that was a design and developed exercise. A website was created where the owners of the business could easily add and edit car entries via a form with an extensive list of options and features to check. Users can easily browse and search the available cars. When the user finds a car they are interested in, they can click an "Interested in this car" link to compose an email regarding that specific car. See the link below to check out the live preview.

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JHM Music


This was a design and development exercise that we enjoyed doing. This is a record label website* where, via the backend, an administrator can easily add an artist and their music where the artist page and their music are instantly connected.

*This is a not a real record label and we do not own the music or videos used. They are there for demonstration purposes only.

See live preview


XTea-C Energy Drink


This was a design exercise based on the concept of a green tea based energy drink. We wanted to create packaging that would stand out in a sea of competition on the shelf. 

Hello Again® Brochure

Fold Brochure by Jay Harry Media
Brochure closed
Fold Brochure by Jay Harry Media llc
Brochure open
Fold Brochure by Jay Harry Media llc
Brochure open backside


The owner of Hello Again® needed a brochure that he and his sales team could also use to make sales.


filthy-chic fashion blog


Fashionistas and bloggists, collectively know as Filthy-Chic, needed to update their Wordpress blog. Working with the ladies, a custom solution was developed that matched their style and sensibilities.

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CELIE (the Civic Engagement and Leadership Institute for Everyone) is a D.C. based organization connecting underserved communities to a broad range of programs and opportunities. We were able to work together to, under a tight deadline, put together a website that was informative and easy to use ahead of their inaugural event.

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Ethan Carson Realtor



Successful, Washington, D.C. Realtor Ethan Carson needed to stay ahead of the competition. One of the tools he needed to accomplish this was an updated custom website. Jay Harry Media was tasked with designing and developing a new website that was modern and mobile friendly. 

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MoneyTree Lending Capital

money tree lending capital logo design by jay harry media


money tree lending capital stationary. corporate identity graphic design by jay harry media


money tree lending capital website. graphic design and web design by jay harry media


We were tasked with first designing a logo for Money Tree Lending Capital. The final design used the symbol of Tree with the name of the company. The typeface chosen was one that was reminiscent of what is used on U.S. currency. The Tree can be used as a symbol or icon on it’s own to represent the company or as part of the whole logo.

Next we were tasked with being the web designer for their new website. We went with a design that was simple, clean where most of the important information was on one page.

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web design for iamselfpublished.com


iamselfpublished.com is a website that we developed to showcase all of the products we offer that an author would be need to promote his or her book. While these graphic design offerings aren’t different from what we usually offer, it was put into a context that an author could relate to. On this website, we focus on marketing materials like flyers, posters, business cards, vinyl banners, web design and book cover design. We also set up a pricing structure which included bundling services.

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web design for wejumpedthebroom.com by jay harry media llc


wejumpedthebroom.com is a website that we designed and developed as an offering to couples who may want a website for their upcoming wedding. The purpose of this website is to show engaged couples the benefits of having a website, as well as their traditional graphic design products like invites and rsvp stationery.

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