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Department of Youth and Community Development


Word doc. flyer templates, Power Point Templates


We recently had the opportunity of collaborating with The Department of Youth and Community Development to create templates that utilized their brand identity. We developed templates for both flyers and powerpoint presentations that allowed them to communicate their message with a consistent aesthetic. With these templates, they have a powerful visual toolkit at their disposal to really make an impact across various platforms. This project was truly a creative collaboration and we are proud to have been part of it.

We had to create the flyer templates in Microsoft Word so that department team members could create flyers easily and on-the-go. This way they didn’t have to depend of members of the team to make themselves available. The Power Point templates had to have the same look and feel as the flyers and be just as easy to use.

laptop with powerpoint template #1
laptop with powerpoint template
Power Point Templates
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Microsoft Word document flyer templates