Online Family Engagement Toolkit


Department of Youth and Community Development


Online Toolkit/Website


NYC’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) works with community based organizations to help families in underserved communities. One of the tools they have is the Family Engagement Toolkit. The problem was, it only existed in the form of the PDF. In order to reach the audience it needed, it had to become more than a downloadable document. 

Working with the DYCD and Children’s Aid, our first task was to re-organize the content to where it made more sense for users online. And there was a lot of content. After developing the user experience, we designed the online toolkit to be bright, clean and easy to navigate.

DYCD Family Engagement Toolkit home page on laptop
DYCD Family Engagement Toolkit pop up example
There are tips, exercises and suggestions in the form of popups.
DYCD Family Engagement Toolkit main pillars on separate iPads