Zen Soul Spa

  Portfolio_Branding_Zen BRANDING: LOGO zen soul spa product jar.  package label design by jay harry media BRANDING: LABEL zen soul spa bag. branding design by jay harry media BRANDING: BAG Zen soul spa business cards by jay harry media BRANDING: BUSINESS CARDS zen soul spa brochure. graphic design by jay harry media GRAPHIC DESIGN: BROCHURE

The owner of Zen Soul Spa wanted a logo design that was modern, cool and a little funky. It had to be something that could live on the apparel, bags and labels for products she sold. The end product was our interpretation of the brush stroked symbol for Zen combined with a clean and thin typeface.

Their new logo was used for their business cards, labels and bags. They also needed brochures that described the services offered. The brochure design had to be bright and attention getting as well as reflect the mood of the business. The resulting brochures featured bright colors and well as photography taken from inside of the studio. Roll: Graphic Designer, Art Direction