Houston Housing Authority


Houston Housing Authority


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The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) created in 1938, currently serves more than 60,000 low-income Houstonians. Periodically, their properties need a major renovation, repair or a complete demolition and rebuild as the result of age or natural event.

To make their plans public, update the community and showcase concepts, the HHA needed a website for 3 of such projects. Our job was design and develop the website for each of these projects using assets and content provided by the HHA. The websites had to be cleanly designed and easy to navigate.

Homepage of Allen Parkway Village website on laptop
Home page of Allen Parkway Village
Homepage of The New 2100 memorial on laptop
Home page of The New 2100 Memorial
Homepage of Third Ward Choice on laptop
Home page of The Third Ward Choice website
Mid Page of Third Ward Choice
Third Ward Choice home page