XTea-C Beverage Can


JHM Beverages


Packaging Design


We hadn’t had the opportunity to design beverage packing for a client but we didn’t let that stop us. While researching the beverage industry, we saw that energy drinks are one of the most popular segments in the soft drink market.  We decided that our fictitious client would be the producer of this kind of drink and to make them a little different so their drink would be green tea based. 

So with this, we came up with a design that was a little grungy but not enough to scare away more mature consumers. The task was also to call out the vitamin C content, highlighting the key benefits of the active ingredients and the calorie count. Each flavor would have the same design, only having variations in color theme.

xtea-c 3 flavors
close up of Xtea-c green tea
close up of Xtea-c peach tea
xTea-C whole design